People are looking for you on the web, and when they find you, you better make sure that the first image they get is a good one. We are talking about websites of course, and a well-designed website will certainly make the difference.

48% of people cite a website’s design as the number one indicator of credibility.

Every company needs a well-designed and intuitive website, because it serves as your virtual spokesperson 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your website isn’t response or mobile-friendly, or takes a long time to load, your visitors will be dissuaded from exploring your website any further.

Built right, your website can be your biggest sales asset, as it will convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

We offer professional website design services and we make this an easy process. Our graphics and web experts are experienced in the craft of website design and can create a site for you that goes well with your branding and your visitors.

Our Web Design Services

Mobile Friendly Websites

More than 50% of all search engine queries come from mobile devices. Simply put, if you’re ignoring mobile users you are missing out on a huge chuck of traffic and leads.

We create fully-responsive websites that will look great no matter the device or platform from which they’re accessed. We make sure that your visitors get a consistent browsing experience across devices.

No Hidden Fees, No Fuss About Ownership

Your website should belong to you, and not the agency that’s been assigned to build it. Believe it or not, many design companies will have clauses in their contracts that state that if the project is suspended midway, you have to pay a large fee or the website will not be handed over.

We’re against unethical business practices so we will never claim ownership of your website or your domain at any stage.

There are also no hidden fees that surprise you when it’s time to pay the invoice. Every requirement and solution will be documented beforehand along with the associated costs. We’ll keep you updated if anything needs to be added along the way and how it will affect the costing (and it’s up to you to approve it).

Fast and Secure Websites

Website data breaches are all too common these days. That is why we design each website with security in mind. If your website has a section which requires users to input their data (such as a contact or registration form), then it needs to be secure. What’s more, Google will visibly alert web users if your website is deemed to be insecure.

Our websites are also built with performance as a key element. Page speed is measured by Google as part of its ranking algorithms and your website needs to be fast in order to rank well. Our web designers will not clutter your website with unnecessary JavaScript code or extensions and slow it down.