Google AdWords (pay-per-click advertising, similar to Bing Ads) is the most popular form of online advertising. It allows you to display ads instantly on targeted websites and potentially, get you a lot of high quality customer leads.

The real challenge with AdWords comes from its complexity and ever-changing nature. Google is constantly fine-tuning its ad algorithms so online marketing experts absolutely have to be in the know-how or they’ll just waste your marketing budget. Orion understands the importance and challenge of AdWords, and has an in-house team of AdWords experts whose only focus is to give you the maximum ROI on your ad spend. No matter how complex your PPC campaign is, our team is fully equipped to handle it.

We will only begin your AdWords campaign once we know everything about your business. We’ll listen to everything you can tell us about the intricacies of your business and your competition. Every detail matters, such as the value of a single customer and your profit margins.

Knowing these details helps us fine-tune your ad campaign to be as profitable as possible. After all, our goal will always be to deliver the maximum bang for your buck.

None of our AdWords work is outsourced, as we have a talented in-house team that is prepared to handle any challenge.

Reasons to Choose Orion AdWords Management

Client / Agency Communication

It is never our goal or objective to take on as many clients / projects as possible. This is why we’ll be in constant communication with you about the status of your AdWords campaign.

We rely on transparency because we have the confidence to deliver results that you expect. We’ll send you weekly reports and analysis of PPC performance and whether your short term goals are being met.

Client-agency collaboration is a given with any kind of marketing campaign, but it’s especially important when it comes to something as fast-paced as AdWords.

Optimization Through Analytics

We don’t rely on guesswork in managing your ad campaigns. At every stage of the process we collect data on what’s working and what’s not, but rather than simply throwing away what doesn’t work, we try to understand why it isn’t working.

Why do we do this? Because it helps us understand the target customer better, and helps us improve the ads that are working even further. Buyer journey is a complicated process, but we make it our mission finding the optimal mix of ad copy, frequency and other factors to deliver maximum ROI.

Future-Proof Strategy

Achieving your monthly goals will always be paramount to us, but we’re never short-sighted. In order to compete with other companies, you have to look at growth through long-term goals. We are never complacent with our results, and will constantly assess the situation and look to make your Google Ads better.

Underestimating the competition is risky in online advertising, but Orion is adept at constant improvements and modifications so that you stay ahead of the competition.