Social media giant Facebook has over 1.79 billion unique active monthly users that spend at least 40 minutes daily on the site. Just think about how many of these users could be your potential customers.

So, how do you leverage Facebook’s large user base to your business’s advantage? The answer is: Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are a cost-effective way of reaching a very specifically targeted audience. Even though Facebook’s targeting has been watered-down recently due to security reasons, it is still very powerful.

At Orion Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on working in highly competitive industries but still managing to return a great ROI for our clients. We can help you business transform through Facebook by:

  • Generating higher user engagement on paid and unpaid posts
  • Increasing your website leads through Facebook
  • Creating a crystal clear company message that resonates with your audience
  • Creating a user base of loyal and returning customers
  • Driving conversions

Our Facebook Ad / Marketing Process

Over the years we have created a recipe for Facebook marketing that just works. Here’s how.

Industry / Competitor Analysis

Once you contact us we will instantly put in our best efforts to learn the intricacies of your business and your competitors. We will do a thorough analysis of your services and industry.

We will then turn our attention towards your competitors, or rather the ones that are currently outpacing you on Facebook.

We will also look for messaging and content on your account that has worked well in the past, and will look to enhance it and drive newer content that has similar characteristics.

Regular Social Content

We’ll do the research on the type of content that sits well with your audience. We will then create the content (at your discretion) and post it on a regular basis.

User engagement will be constantly monitored to see what works and what doesn’t.

Analysis-Based Paid Campaigns

We will create a Facebook campaign for your business after a thorough understanding of your customer profiles. This will allow us to create custom audiences that are the best fit for your company and brand.

Creating a Facebook campaign includes high quality copy (written content) and brand-centric imagery. We don’t hedge our bets on just one ad – we instead do A/B tests to determine which ones are performing better and continue to improve them.

Weekly Reports

Our company relies on transparency when it comes to results. We will send you weekly reports on your Facebook campaigns’ performance and what it’s doing for your business.

This includes tracking your audience and reach, engagement rates, click-through-rate (CTR) and overall ROI on paid social campaigns.