Digital Marketing Tricks to Increase Your Sales in 2019

By March 14, 2019Uncategorized

With each passing day we see an evolution in technology. And with the evolution of technology, we’re bound to see evolution of digital marketing as well. Advances in technology enable marketers to try new techniques to reach untapped audiences, or build further awareness with followers.

Here are a few key digital marketing tricks that you need to know and include in your overall strategy for 2019.


It seems that the internet’s thirst for video content simply cannot be quenched. Video consumption is still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. Just think of the time you spend every day watching videos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

As such, as a marketer it is important for you to think about how you can use video content to attract new customers or bring awareness among existing ones. One thing should be noted that videos shouldn’t just be made willy nilly – you should approach them like you approach any other marketing campaign.

Videos should be made after carefully understanding what your target audience’s needs are. Also, the answer isn’t always bite-sized videos that people are so willing to consume. Your audience may be more technical thus requiring longer videos.

You can also try video ads to increase awareness and even drive conversions. These ad types are not uncommon and are regularly used by companies to sell products. Clearly, Facebook ads have a reasonable return even if they are relatively expensive.

Social Media Stories

Stories are an idea whose first implementation was done by Snapchat. Looking at its popularity, Facebook quickly copied this feature for Instagram, where it has found widespread use. In fact, Instagram is the most popular platform for Stories despite being late at adopting this feature.

Stories are unlike video ads and content – they’re informal and are often used for back-the-scenes type of content. However, they can still be used to dispense important information such as an upcoming event or sale. The unique thing about Stories is that they are often at the top of the social feed (Instagram and Facebook), so they’re sure to catch a user’s attention.

Sharing Stories makes your brand appear more authentic and approachable, and can be used to create content that is focused more on engagement and fun rather than hard sales pitches. In the end however, if you’re raising awareness and building relationships with prospective customers, that’s just as good as a successful sales pitch.

Fortunately, Stories still haven’t become an integral part of every business’s digital marketing strategy. But 2019 will surely be the year when it gains every digital marketer’s awareness, and you don’t want to miss out on the chance.

Data-driven Marketing

Successful marketing strategies should rely on data and science – not just hunches. It’s good to use your experience to guide your future decisions, but they should always be supported by data. If you’ve utilized a specific strategy in the past and the doesn’t show it in a favorable light, it might be revise some things a bit.

We see it time and again – marketers get hung up on an idea and will see it fail time and again without trying anything different. Data doesn’t lie, and it will often point you directly towards the weakness in your strategy.

Marketing data is readily available to you using simple tools such as Google Analytics. Pay a little attention to them and learn how they can be used to make key decisions. There’s a lot of depth to something as readily used as Google Analytics, and when used the right can really help you.


Customer service is one of the greatest challenges facing companies these days. This is made harder by the fact that people are unwilling to face long wait queues on calls and are reaching out to companies via social media. The thing is, chat-based customer support is a labor-intensive job and representatives cannot be available at a moment’s notice.

That’s where chatbots come in. Chatbots can be programmed to answer virtually any of your customer’s usual questions. They’ll take some time to setup properly and you’ll have to dig deep into what your customers mostly ask. But once configured correctly, chatbots can provide a human-like customer service experience that most people will be content with. A chatbot is also significantly cheaper than a support person because it doesn’t have to recruited, trained and staffed. There are simply too many advantages to chatbots for you to be ignoring them. Implement a great chatbot and you’ll definitely see an increase in conversions as your customers will know exactly what to do.