Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of getting a higher percentage of your website’s visitors to take some sort of action that is beneficial to your business. These actions should typically result in leads or customers (conversions) for your business.

Conversion rate optimization doesn’t happen by accident – you have to approach it with a clear concept of how visitors are supposed to interact with your website. You cannot simply ‘guess’ or ‘hope’ that your website is good enough for you to get business from it. CRO takes a lot of time and effort to get right and it should be a critical part of your online business strategy.

CRO encompasses many aspects of a website. For example, if you note that your website gets a lot of visitors but you don’t get the appropriate amount of leads from it, there could be many things that need amendments. Anything from website design, to your content copy. Everything matters in making sure that you take full advantage of your traffic.

With Orion Digital Marketing, our full range of services will help ensure that you get a full-service optimization solution. We like to be scientific with our work, and will make changes to your web design and copywriting in order to get you the desired results.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization Process


Before we get to work, we’ll have a meeting with your team in order to understand you business in depth.


We will do a complete analysis of your website to understand your visitor profile. We’ll perform tests to determine what your visitors are paying attention, what they are passing over and where they leave your website to discover the key areas of your site which need improvement.

This analysis will provide us with a plan and help us devise a strategy.


Design plays a much more important role than you might think in attracting visitors to take action. Our expert design team will conceptualize and redesign areas of your website where visitors have been found to ‘bounce’. Of course, our designers will always be mindful of your branding and will create quality elements which keep your design language in tact.

Design can be the most important part in boosting your conversion rate, and we have the resources to deliver.


Our expert web developers will carry out the testing necessary to ensure that your website provides a consistent experience across multiple browsers and devices.


Once the appropriate solutions have been implemented to amend the weak areas of your website, we’ll watch for trends in the test data and website analytics that signal improvements. As more data is accumulated it will point us to the areas which are showing improvements, and areas which require further fine-tuning.

We will send you weekly reports on our tests and findings to enable transparency and for you to determine whether the efforts are worth it or not.



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