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Increase Your Sales by up to 400% within 6 months!

Our strategic digital marketing services combine important aspects of your overall online strategy.


Get found online by people searching on the web. We make you visible to your target audience by helping you climb the search rankings, and keep you there.

Paid Marketing

Our goal for your paid marketing efforts is to get you the most amount of digital real estate as possible, while delivering maximum conversions to give you the most out of your advertising budget.


We help you leverage the power of social media by creating insightful content that is geared towards your target audience, helping you build your brand image and gain customers.

More Revenue

We design your digital marketing strategy with a singular purpose: to increase your revenue. Our marketing efforts bring more targeted traffic to your website, maximizes conversions through pay-per-click ads and builds your brand image through social media.

Expert Innovators

Digital marketing requires a fair deal of creativity. After all, to stand out from the crowd you have to be different. Orion is a team of experienced digital marketers who have employed creative thinking to get clients get ahead of stiff competition.

Local Marketing Team

You need a local marketing team that understands the culture and speaks the native language. We do not outsource your work to cheap foreign agencies. All of the marketing is done in-house with a team of local digital marketing experts who follow safe industry practices.


We keep you up to date and in the loop about the status of your digital marketing efforts. We consider transparency a core value of our service. You will receive weekly reports that show progress, helping you make informed decisions about the future of your strategy.

Our Clients


Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Are you looking to grow your business through the internet? Do you want more customers and revenue? Do you want to build your brand and establish a solid web presence?

We’ve got your covered.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we do not outsource any of your work to overseas agencies. We look to provide competitive rates for premium quality services.

Even if you’re a business that has absolutely no web presence at all, we’ll help you get there, and then ahead of your competitors. We are a full-service agency, so we’ll create a beautiful and well-optimized website for you that ranks well on Google.

And once your website ranks well on Google, your business has the potential to absolutely skyrocket.

But our services don’t stop there. We specialize in avenues of digital marketing such as social media, search engine marketing and pay-per-click advertising. All of your digital marketing needs will be covered by an agency that understands and executes on industry standards. Our online marketing consultants understand the core mechanisms of how your business should grow online, and have helped many clients get the edge over competitors.

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Some Common Questions about digital marketing…

How much does a digital marketing strategy cost?

Costs for digital marketing are highly variable, and depend on the current state of your business’s online presence. For example, if you’ve already got a well-made website the focus will be on search engine rankings and digital advertising.

Once we do an analysis of your website / business, we can give you an accurate quote.

Do you guarantee search engine rankings?

Search engine rankings are tricky, but over the years we have mastered the skill of getting our clients to page 1 of the Google search results.

Do you guarantee sales and ROI?

We guarantee to run an excellent digital marketing campaign for your business. But once you start getting customer leads, it’s up to your sales team to capitalize on the opportunity.

How will I know if actual progress is being made?

We believe in transparency, and as such we send comprehensive weekly reports that will give you a complete overview of how your marketing efforts are progressing.

What sort of contractual agreements do you offer?

Our agreements with clients are open-ended and occur on a month-to-month basis. We have strong confidence in our abilities to deliver and ensure client satisfaction so they’ll be likely to stay with us.

I have a small budget, can you do something for me?

Absolutely! The digital strategy for any business is multi-faceted, and does not mean that you have to get everything done at the same time. Visit our pricing page for more details.

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